Technomelt Supra 081 ECO – Reducing your Carbon Footprint

Technomelt Supra 081 ECO is the worlds first carbon negative hot melt adhesive for packaging.

Containing 81% renewable raw materials*, Technomelt 081 ECO reduces your carbon footprint dramatically.  Based on a very moderate usage of 2 tonnes of hot melt adhesive per year, a switch to Technomelt Supra 081 ECO will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 7.4 tonnes when compared with a typical packaging hot melt adhesive.   Putting this into a more relatable terms, this equates to the carbon dioxide emissions from 1.4 passenger cars in a year, or the amount of carbon sequestered by 120 tree saplings over a 10 year period**.

Technomelt Supra 081 ECO can slot into your process straight away, so if you are using hot melt adhesive for your carton sealing, case forming or tray erection operation, you can use Technomelt Supra 081 ECO to help you hit your sustainability goals immediately.  Technomelt Supra 081 ECO has all of the other features that you have come to expect from the Supra range of products, great stability and performance on your line, suitability for recyclable packaging and food safety compliance.

We have the expertise to help you optimise your process with Technomelt Supra 081 ECO, as well as lots of other great options to take you even further, so get in touch with us and follow us on LinkedIn for news and updates.

*International Sustainability Carbon Certification (

**US EPA, Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

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