Technomelt Supra Hot Melt Adhesives for Packaging

End of Line Packaging Solutions

Our comprehensive range of hot melt adhesives for packaging means that there is a product suitable for all of your applications. Technomelt Supra hot melt adhesives give greater thermal stability, allowing your hot melt system to stay cleaner, giving you reliable performance, shift in, shift out.

Technomelt Cool products bring down operating temperatures, saving energy and extending the life of the adhesive in the system at the same time.

The latest innovation in the Technomelt Supra family is Technomelt Supra 081 ECO.  This product is the first carbon negative hot melt adhesive.  Designed to be used wherever Technomelt Supra products can be, Technomelt Supra 081 ECO allows you to instantly impact your carbon footprint, helping with your nett zero goals. 

 A key part of the optimising your adhesive operation is the support that we provide, helping you get the best from your adhesive, so if you need anything, please get in contact with us.

  • Technomelt Supra hot melt adhesives are based on Polyolefin technology, which offers you serious advantages to improve your production process
  • They have much better thermal stability than conventional hot melt adhesives, which means that they stay in better condition in your system, leading to much more reliable running
  • They don’t gel and char, which prolongs your equipment’s service life and reduces your spare parts bill
  • Technomelt Supra products have high adhesion and behave differently during application, which means that you can achieve considerable usage savings – routinely 50% savings can be made
  • ​We can help you quantify the possible savings by using our unique auditing process – which by the way is absolutely free of charge