Technomelt Supra 176 – You can really have it all!

New Technomelt Supra 176 brings you new performance possibilities at an affordable price.  Metallocene hot melt adhesives are now well known, with their stability being their most attractive asset.  Great stability means less problems with hot melt adhesive degrading in the application tank, leading to blocked nozzles, lost production time and costly repairs.  However, achieving the higher performance levels in terms of adhesion, temperature resistance and high molten tack came at a price, which could make it difficult to justify their use compared to more traditional EVA hot melt adhesives.  Technomelt Supra 176 breaks that barrier and allows you to take your pack sealing operation to new heights.

Whether you are case or carton sealing or tray forming, Technomelt Supra 176 will cope with it all; high memory forces, low temperature storage or sealing warm packed goods.  It has better adhesion than its peers, meaning that you can have the confidence on a wide range of finishes that your products will look their best.

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