Technomelt GA 3980 ULTRA: New Levels of Performance

Improving page pull strength is a goal of all bookbinders and Henkel have long focussed on this when they have developed their adhesive technology in the book market. Polyurethane spine adhesives (PUR) took adhesive binding strength to dizzying new heights, but there was a major drawback to this approach. In order to use these reactive adhesives and so reap the benefits of their performance, bookbinders would need to invest in specialised equipment. In some cases, especially companies with smaller digital binding machines, the reactive nature of these adhesives meant that extra cleaning time was required, or high PUR wastage levels were created. Recognising this, Henkel developed Technomelt GA 3980 ULTRA, based on Polyolefin (PO) technology, this adhesive gives higher page strength than traditional hot melts used for perfect binding and improved heat and cold performance of your finished books. PO technology gives excellent thermal stability too, so the adhesive stays in good condition for much longer in your equipment and there is no need for any special equipment either, it can be used like a typical hot melt. Results have shown PUR-like binding strength on some papers and really nice flexibility, enhancing the appearance of your products. So, Technomelt GA 3980 ULTRA raises the bar on adhesive binding and opens up higher page strength binding to a much wider audience. It is worth remembering, however, that although Technomelt GA 3980 ULTRA significantly lifts performance levels, for ultimate high strength, durability and heat and cold resistance, PUR bound books are still at the top of the tree. Direct Adhesives have the complete range of products for all of your requirements, including high performing spine adhesives like Technomelt GA 3980 ULTRA and Technomelt PUR 3317BR as well as a complete range of other adhesives for all applications. In addition, we can supply all of the cleaners and ancillary products that help you get the very best from your binder. Just as importantly, we have the expertise and experience to make the difference and we can even page strength test your books to help you optimise your production process or validate the effectiveness of your binding. Get in touch with us by calling 01525 381111, email and on Twitter @directadhesives and LinkedIn