Aquence Water-Based Labelling Adhesives

Advanced Labelling Solutions

The Aquence range of products brings together natural and synthetic technology to offer a wide range of performance advantages. Whether you are looking for high performance synthetic labelling adhesives, casein products or emulsion based products for difficult plastics, we have the products and the expertise to make your labelling a first class success.

Aquence XP products are uniquely formulated synthetic adhesives with a range of properties from washable for returnable bottles to ultra high ice water resistance products.

The Aquence GL range of caseins give very high levels of performance and are 100% Zinc and Borax free.


  • Casein-free adhesive formulation
  • Increased effi ciency through excellent machinability
  • Efficient consumption
  • Fast and easy wash-off
  • Top quality, reliability and product stability
  • Wide range of applications


  • 100% zinc and borax free labeling adhesives
  • High processing and quality
  • Widest field of applications
  • Efficient consumption
  • Excellent machinability
  • Sustainable adhesive solution