Technomelt EM Hot Melt For Packaging

Performance Packaging Solutions

Engineered for the best on-pack performance and clean, efficient running to keep your production line running smoothly, Technomelt EM hot melt labelling adhesives are the choice of manufacturers who want the best.

Whether you are labelling PET, Glass or Metal there is a Technomelt EM product for you. Download the Technomelt EM Range Guide and see for yourself.

  • Technomelt Supra hot melt adhesives are based on Polyolefin technology, which offers you serious advantages to improve your production process.
  • They have much better thermal stability than conventional hot melt adhesives, which means that they stay in better condition in your system, leading to much more reliable running.
  • They don’t gel and char, which prolongs your equipment’s service life and reduces your spare parts bill.
  • Technomelt Supra products have high adhesion and behave differently during application, which means that you can achieve considerable usage savings – routinely 50% savings can be made.
  • ​We can help you quantify the possible savings by using our unique auditing process – which by the way is absolutely free of charge.